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PureBasic stuff


halma a cute little game. that kind of game is actually called 'solitaire' i reckon. it's one of the first things i've done in Purebasic to get acquainted with the language. [pic]
evo (working title) here are some screenshots of my 2d top-down view RTS game which i'm working on from time to time. the game is about collecting resources, building facilities and produce units in the style of Warcraft. screenshots
[pic1] [pic2] [pic3] [pic4]
LR (working title) the name is due to it has startet as an idea for a LodeRunner remake, but it turned out that the game rather wants to become jump'n'run-like. screenshots
[pic1] [pic2] [pic3]
ascii hero this funny one-level demo stems from a weekend when i wondered if i could make something jump'n'run-like with ascii characters in a console window. i tested it on Windows XP only and do not know if it works well for different user settings regarding the commandline. the 'A' with an 'o' on top of it is you, the hero :) ..armed with a gun. the evil '=' signs are flying around and try to shoot you. if you have a pc-speaker then you're lucky. [pic1] [pic2]