my useful and useless
PureBasic stuff
(source always included)


030 an simple memo, that is there if you need it, and away if you don't. [pic] [german forum]
conDeb constant debugger: searches clipboard text for constants and sets a PureBasic Debug code for these constants as new clipboard text.
finder search the web for your clipboard text with one click, using your favored web-search URLs. [german forum]
GR_Finder seek for the golden ratio in an image (manually!).
pbsigmaker create a signature button for use in PB forums.
fileTools those are usefull to have in your 'send to'-folder and / or your quicklaunch..

cmdPB: drop/send a file to it to open a cmd-window in the location of that file, having a content listing of that directory too.

copy~me: i use that instead of the windows explorer copy routine. (copies 'file.ext' to 'file~.ext')

dropper: drop one or more files or folders onto dropper to have the filename/path in clipboard then.

FileLister: generate a simple text file, listing all the content of a directory.

PB_Projecz: send some pb-files to this tool to create a *.bat file to open that filelist easily with a certain pb-installation. (you won't need that if you use the PB-setting 'run only one instance', thought you can still use it to make shure that the files are opened with a certain PB-version).

keepfox bored by the startup-delay of firefox? keepfox will keep a dummy instance of firefox open and hidden, so that even if you close all your visible firefox windows, firefox will stay running in background and will be opening new windows much quicker.
crossover a tool to generate game tiles for landscape crossings. works with isometric tiles as well as topdown/square tiles. it's basically just masks apllied to two tiles. (explanations in german) [pic] [german forum]
merge merge main and include files together to one file, though quite slow used with big sources. does what i need, no more. [german forum]


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FRAC a simple fractal generator. (most of the program is in german) [pic] [german forum]
byhp that program allows you to compose songs or effects for the PC-speaker. additionally it can generate the according PB code of your work (in form of Beep_()s and Delay()s). [pic] [german forum]
loc Love Or Confusion: another 2d-drawing play around with spirals [pic1] [pic2] [german forum]
plotter display images as colored isometric heightmaps. [pic1] [pic2] [pic3] [pic4] [pic5] [german forum]
atomic_scr a screensaver animating something atom-like.
bubbles a funny-to-look-at bubble demo with sound.